Environmently Friendly - helps preserve our environment and the most precious resource of all, WATER.  We can’t live without water, permeable stone paving helps protect the quality of our water supplies. Permeable Stone Pebble Paving reduces the amount of storm water runoff entering our natural waterways and carrying with it contaminants and pollutants.  Permeable Stone Paving allows water to naturally drain into the surface through the voids.  This promotes the infiltration of rainwater and also helps to recharge the groundwater.


Flexibility - our resin bound pebble pave system offers high flexibility therefore there is NO cracking or the need for ugly expansion joints necessary with other paving systems.


Attractive - our wide range of natural stones and colored glass used gives the finished product a natural, seamless, smooth, rich look.


Smooth - unlike other similar looking finishes like exposed aggregate concrete, our permeable stone pebble paving system is very smooth to touch as we do not use sharp aggregates.


UV Stability - With current binder technology, a specially formulated resin is used in our system that offers a 100% U.V stability.


Durability - As we use only natural pebble, stone and glass, permeable stone pebble paving has extremely high durability.